l'esprit de l'escalier
we come and we go ~

i keep thinking my contacts are drying out and that’s why everything’s blurry, and then i remember i’m not wearing them and i’m just blind

Yosemite (by Andrew Tomayko)
(by Thomas van der Zaag)
The Painted Wall (by dcumminsusa)

follow her! if i retweeted pictures more than i post, this would definitely be one of my most reblogged blogs!

where are you from? asked by Anonymous

minnesota. duluth during the school year, twin cities during the summer.

_MG_298a0blauw (by amy59421)
And You’ll Finally See - Explore!! (by BethAnneFletcher)
Puffin flight (by Viche)
Marsh-harrier_5653 copy (by Peter Warne-Epping Forest)
 (by elena felicity)
Blattschuss (by hipydeus)

shit, i lost almost 300 followers since i started school because i never came on here… yikes

GESA (by Martin Neuhof | martin-neuhof.com)
(by penso)